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MCs Intro - The Beatles - Can You Hear Me?

6 thoughts on “ MCs Intro - The Beatles - Can You Hear Me?

  1. The supposed origin of this song is a response from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, particularly to Mick Jagger, who used to brag about his girlfriend. "Bird" is British slang for "girl". This song could be inspired by a press release of Frank Sinatra's manager that said, "Tell me that you've heard .
  2. Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music Any old way you choose it It's got a back beat, you can't lose it Any old time you use it It's gotta be rock roll music If you want to dance with me If you want to dance with me I've got no kick against modern jazz Unless they try to play it too darn fast And change the beauty of the melody.
  3. Another readily identifiable Beatles riff is the one that introduces "From Me To You". As with all those classic Beatles hooklines, the riff itself is very simple - C D E D C D D A. However, if you play it on a standard C diatonic starting on hole 4.
  4. Come Together Lyrics: Shoot me / Shoot me / Shoot me / Shoot me / Here come old flat-top, he come groovin' up slowly / He got ju-ju eyeball, he one holy roller / He got hair down to his knee / Got.
  5. I'm hoping someone can help me find the name to a song; I only know the following lyrics; The beat doesn't stop me baby! I can see your legs moving, can't a hear a word you saying.. That's all I know unfortunately, any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

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